12 Must-Know LeetCode+ Links for Coding Excellence

Introduction: Welcome to a comprehensive guide on mastering essential coding techniques and strategies! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coder, these LeetCode+ links will elevate your skills and make you a more proficient problem solver. Let's dive into the world of algorithms, data structures, and coding patterns that will empower you to tackle complex challenges with confidence. 1. Sliding Window Learn the art of efficient sliding window techniques: Sliding Window - Part 1 and Sliding Window - Part 2 . Enhance your coding prowess and optimize algorithms with these invaluable insights. 2. Backtracking Unlock the power of backtracking algorithms: Backtracking . Discover how to systematically explore possibilities and find optimal solutions to a variety of problems. 3. Greedy Algorithm Master the art of making locally optimal choices for a globally optimal solution: Greedy Algorithm . Dive into strategies that prioritize immediate gains and lead to optimal outcomes.

Unveiling the Power of InVideo: Crafting Compelling Videos Without Showing Your Face or Uttering a Word

In the dynamic realm of content creation, video has become an indispensable tool for engaging audiences. However, not everyone is comfortable appearing on camera or has the resources for high-quality audio recording. Fear not! In this blog post, we'll explore the incredible possibilities of creating videos without showing your face or uttering a single word, all thanks to the innovative platform, The Rise of Faceless and Voiceless Videos 1. Overcoming Camera Shyness: Many content creators struggle with camera shyness, hindering their ability to dive into video content. provides a solution, that allows you to create impactful videos without ever stepping in front of a camera. 2. Embracing the Anonymity: Some content creators prefer to keep their identity private while still delivering valuable content. empowers you to share your insights, tutorials, or stories without revealing your face. Exploring 3. User-Friendly Interface: b

Kafka Getting started youtube playlist

Computer peripherals   Kafka for everyone  Learn Kafka basics here: Practice Kafka here: Learn Python basics for Kafka here: Learn Java basics for Kafka here: Learn distributed computing for Kafka here: Learn math and statistics for Kafka here: Learn Docker for Kafka here: Practice 2 Kafka projects here: