12 Must-Know LeetCode+ Links for Coding Excellence


Welcome to a comprehensive guide on mastering essential coding techniques and strategies! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coder, these LeetCode+ links will elevate your skills and make you a more proficient problem solver. Let's dive into the world of algorithms, data structures, and coding patterns that will empower you to tackle complex challenges with confidence.

1. Sliding Window

Learn the art of efficient sliding window techniques: Sliding Window - Part 1 and Sliding Window - Part 2. Enhance your coding prowess and optimize algorithms with these invaluable insights.

2. Backtracking

Unlock the power of backtracking algorithms: Backtracking. Discover how to systematically explore possibilities and find optimal solutions to a variety of problems.

3. Greedy Algorithm

Master the art of making locally optimal choices for a globally optimal solution: Greedy Algorithm. Dive into strategies that prioritize immediate gains and lead to optimal outcomes.

4. Binary Search

Delve into the efficiency of binary search: Binary Search - Part 1 and Binary Search - Part 2. Uncover the secrets of this fundamental algorithm for quickly finding desired elements.

5. UMPIRE Interview Strategy

Ace your coding interviews with the UMPIRE strategy: UMPIRE Interview Strategy. Learn the systematic approach to confidently tackle technical interviews.

6. Trie

Explore the Trie data structure: Trie. Understand how this tree-like structure efficiently stores and retrieves key-value pairs.

7. Dynamic Programming

Unleash the power of dynamic programming: Dynamic Programming. Discover how to break down complex problems into simpler subproblems, leading to optimal solutions.

8. Two Pointers

Efficiently solve problems using the Two Pointers technique: Two Pointers. Learn to traverse elements in a sequence with two pointers, optimizing both time and space.

9. Coding Patterns

Master essential coding patterns: Coding Patterns - Part 1 and Coding Patterns - Part 2. Enhance your problem-solving skills by recognizing and applying these patterns.

10. Island Pattern

Conquer challenges related to islands in data structures: Island Pattern. Explore techniques to navigate and manipulate connected components within datasets.

11. Interval Merge

Efficiently merge intervals in data: Interval Merge. Learn how to streamline and organize overlapping or adjacent intervals.

12. System Design Template and Strategy

Craft robust system designs with the right template and strategy: System Design - Part 1 and System Design - Part 2. Elevate your understanding of scalable and maintainable system architectures.


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