Unveiling the Power of InVideo: Crafting Compelling Videos Without Showing Your Face or Uttering a Word

In the dynamic realm of content creation, video has become an indispensable tool for engaging audiences. However, not everyone is comfortable appearing on camera or has the resources for high-quality audio recording. Fear not! In this blog post, we'll explore the incredible possibilities of creating videos without showing your face or uttering a single word, all thanks to the innovative platform, The Rise of Faceless and Voiceless Videos 1. Overcoming Camera Shyness: Many content creators struggle with camera shyness, hindering their ability to dive into video content. provides a solution, that allows you to create impactful videos without ever stepping in front of a camera. 2. Embracing the Anonymity: Some content creators prefer to keep their identity private while still delivering valuable content. empowers you to share your insights, tutorials, or stories without revealing your face. Exploring 3. User-Friendly Interface: b

Kafka Getting started youtube playlist

Computer peripherals   Kafka for everyone  Learn Kafka basics here: Practice Kafka here: Learn Python basics for Kafka here: Learn Java basics for Kafka here: Learn distributed computing for Kafka here: Learn math and statistics for Kafka here: Learn Docker for Kafka here: Practice 2 Kafka projects here:

Kafka Consumer Configuration

At Most once  Offsets are committed as soon as messages are received, in case of processing fails those messages will be lost, let's say the consumer went down, when the consumer comes back it will start reading from the point of the last committed offsets. At least once In this case, offsets are committed after processing the message batch, in case of consumer failure, the same messages are read twice so processing also happens twice, so make sure for idempotency for the system. Exactly Once This can be achieved with Kadka Transactional APIS, [easy with Kafka stream apis], Consumer Offset Reset behavior  auto.offset.reset:latest -> start reading from end  auto.offset.reset:earlierest -> start reading from start. auto.offset.reset.none-> throw NP if the offset was not found. Note- consumers offset can be lost  kafkaV<2.0 [consumer hasn't read data in 1 day ] kafkaV>2.0 [consumer hasn't read data in 7 days] This can be controlled by offset.retention.minutes  p

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Here is a list of git repositories for interview preparation. LinkedIn Interview Tips - Explore valuable interview tips and strategies from LinkedIn to boost your interview preparation. Mastering Behavioral Interviews - Learn how to excel in behavioral interviews and showcase your skills effectively. Technical Interview Practice - Access resources for practicing technical interview questions to sharpen your coding and problem-solving abilities. Resume Building Guide - Craft an impressive resume with this guide, crucial for making a strong first impression in interviews. Mock Interview Sessions - Participate in mock interview sessions to gain confidence and refine your interview skills. Networking for Job Seekers - Discover the power of networking and how it can help you secure interviews and job opportunities. Interview Dress Code Tips - Get advice on what to wear for interviews, ensuring you make a professional impression. Cracking the Coding Interview - Access is a popular bo